Cluster Development Centre

On November 18, 2015 Cluster Development Centre began its work as a Regional Development Centre department.

Cluster Development Centre was established to implement the cluster policy of the Novosibirsk region. Realizing its activities on the one stop principle Cluster Development Centre is the link between the state authorities and initiating enterprises, as well as institutionalized clusters.

Cluster Development Centre team

Alexander Tropin head
Ksenia Korobeinikova manager
Karina Kaimina lead economist
Alexandra Bardokina lead economist

Services provided by Cluster Development Centre:

  1. Assistance to the cluster participants in receiving the state support.
  2. Ensuring the participation of cluster companies in events at big Russian and international exhibition venues.
  3. Provision of consulting services about legal support for the cluster participants’ activities.
  4. Organization and conduct of trainings and seminars involving the outside organizations for the cluster members' professional development.
  5. Assistance in the development of feasibility studies for the implementation of joint projectsв.
  6. Carrying out information campaigns for the cluster participants in the media to highlight the cluster activities and the prospects for its development.