The third international forum of technological development «Technoprom-2015» was held 4-5 of June in Novosibirsk. The event has once again confirmed its status as a key federal forum dedicated to innovative development of the country

Forum in figures

The forum was attended by over 4,000 people (3,000 last year). 47 heads of different companies, nearly 200 media representatives from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and other Russian cities, and more than 350 speakers, managed to work on 40 events of the forum. The importance of the Forum is confirmed with the number of publications in Russian and foreign media - over 350 references for the two days meeting.

On the exhibition of forum «Technoprom-2015» there were presented more than 70 developments, made by 20 scientific institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences in various fields. Among them: the biotechnology, medical technology, photonics, additive technology, metal and others.

Foreign visitors expressed great interest to the Forum. A significant event of «Tehnoprom-2015» was the lecture on LED of the Nobel laureate in physics from Japan, Professor Amano Hiroshi. At a press conference the scientist said that he is interested in moving to Russia and work in research institutions of Novosibirsk.

One of the main participants of the Forum was the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who has made several important statements. Thus, the Deputy Prime Minister has called the technological development of Russia «a matter of survival in the modern world». Dmitry Rogozin also proposed to take as the theme of the Forum 2016 the development of the Arctic. It was decided to invite all the governors of the polar region, to find the necessary solutions for the development of the Arctic.

The forum had practical and applied nature. The presentation of the main directions of the Programme of re-industrialization of the Novosibirsk region’ economy at the forum «Technoprom-2015» was awarded the highest ratings of experts.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region

The implementation of this program will be an important Russian pilot project for the real modernization of the economy. And then we can talk not only about specific examples of advanced technologies, but also about a systematic approach to the management of technological development. Novosibirsk’ experience can be crucial for Russia

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