For the eighth time Russia has become a participant of the exhibition Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA 2015), which was held in Seoul (Republic of Korea) from 11 to 14 of June

The exhibition is supported by the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). The organizer of the united national stand is company «marketing, exhibitions, consulting», the information support - Federal Agency for Tourism.

Traditionally the regions geographically close to the Republic of Korea present their the tourism potential here

So, Primorsky Krai presented its potential in cognitive and ecotourism, and « Primorsky Club» offered tourists from Korea routes in the region.
The largest region of Russia - Sakha (Yakutia) - where a UNESCO World Heritage rocks «Leninskie Stolby» are situated, told the tourists about the unique opportunity to visit the home of diamonds and the Pole of Cold; the company «ISF Yakutia» introduced a variety of tourist products, designed specifically for visitors from the Land of Morning Calm.

European part of Russia was presented by the Vladimir region, which cherish the traditions and monuments of Russia, where the cities of the Golden Ring live in a serene beauty. Company «Hanse Travel Tours», a representative of the oldest Russian tour operator «Intourist», proposed the tours of the Golden Ring. Company «Vodohod», which navigates along the rivers of the European part of the country, told in Seoul about the cruises by Russian cities; and the company «Golden Tour Korea» proposed combined routes in the country.

Especially for tourists and tour operators in the Republic of Korea on KOTFA 2015 there were presented: map of Russia, booklets with information about attractions and routes, written in Korean.

Novosibirsk region took its rightful place among the participants of the united Russian stand. The employees of the Center of Regional Development told the visitors of the exhibition in Seoul about the Siberian beauties. During 4 exhibition days two Siberians handed hundreds of tourists and tour operators of the Republic of Korea the Russian tricolor ribbons, leaflets with a map of Russia with the information about the sights of Novosibirsk region and Novosibirsk city.

Center of Regional Development in cooperation with the tour operator «Olympia-Reisen-Sibir» developed a presentation map «Novosibirsk - the Gate to Siberia»

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