The first Civil Society Forum
of the Novosibirsk region "Civil Dialogue"

The First Civil Forum of the Novosibirsk Region "Civil Dialogue" took place on March 1-2, 2012 in Novosibirsk


The First Civil Forum was organized  on the initiative of the regional social organization with the support of the Novosibirsk Region Government and the mayor of Novosibirsk City Hall

The official opening of the Civic Forum began with the welcome speech of the Governor Vasily Yurchenko and honored guests of the Forum to participants. The Forum program included many discussion events: round-tables, workshops and discussion forums. There were discussed the topics relevant to the period of formation of civil society:
  • social entrepreneurship,
  • development of  NPO,
  • social services and
  • information technology
"Regional Marketing Agency" designed guidelines for the forum, prepared corporate style event.

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