Our goal - the image of the Novosibirsk region

Center for Regional Development was established in August 2008 with  the decision of the Governor of the Novosibirsk region.  Center`s mission is to form the image of Novosibirsk Region, as competitive and attractive brand, which is interested not only for investment and international partners, but also for  the population of the Region.



foundation of Agency

Center’s activities can be divided into three main blocks

museum of regional  srudie

Marketing strategy of the Regions promotion:

The Center is actively involved in forming of marketing and communication strategies of Novosibirsk Region, offering different marketing plans, concepts, projects that may have positive influence with the development of Novosibirsk Region and  its promotion in national and global context

Exhibition activities:

The Center develops and carries out projects to form social and investment attraction of the Region. Agency’s representatives take part in organization of exhibitions, fairs, forums, conferences and other public events aimed at improving of the Region`s reputation.
Full-cycle projects are carried out in this direction - from idea to the event realization and final evaluation.
Also, the Center supports  the Region`s delegates at public events of regional, national and international level with printing, souvenirs, audio, video, and electronic products

Analytical activities:

The Center makes monitoring and evaluates realized project and efficiency of the Regions marketing strategy; provides consulting and  intermediary  services to individuals and legal  persons in the management sector.

The main objective of the Center is to form the project system of Novosibirsk Region`s development

This system is aimed at increasing investment and social potential of the Region, with forming and implementation projects that have to show an innovative reputation of Novosibirsk Region
The Center is a communication platform that operates on the principles of marketing territory to involve experts of all the directions in the Region`s development

The main Center’s activities

The Center operates its work based on the order of the Regional Government, developing marketing conception of Novosibirsk Region`s promotion, content of this conception and main events, that can attract  attention to the Region as a perspective and developing event center.

interesting fact

The Center's budget consists of the consolidated assets of the regional administration and businesses entities interested in the implementation of projects

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